Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30th, 2009:D today I turned 15 at exactly 6:38pm! I didn't get to take my permit test, because Oregon requires a slip from your school saying you attend. LAME! So I'll get it when I go back on the 4Th, and hopefully take it next week. Tonight we went to Outback for dinner and had this chocolate cake that was truly had like 10 layers of chocolate and chocolate crumb with raspberry sauce and ice cream....OH SNAP it was good<3 I got "Paranormal Activity" and "Taking Woodstock<3" for my birthday and i get a new straightener:) Aha HALLELUJAH! Ha we went home and watched "Paranormal Activity" and now I'm blogging:)Tomorrow night I am going to my dad's for a New Years/birthday party for me shindig at his house..Lyric might come with too:) Well all the snow melted today..thank god! week I have to go back to school:( I just hope this is a good last week. It is also OFFICIALLY 1 year since I got my Nikon camera, which I named Candice:D Ha ha...So yeah...thanks to my dad, I have some fun December 30Th facts:) here are the facts, songs, and pictures!!!ENJOY..xoxo.Maddy

On December 30th it's their birthday::
-Tiger Woods
-Matt Lauer
-He said Davy Jones??? HA
-Meridith Vieira-56
-Laila Ali-32
-LeBron James-25

On December these things happened:::::
-The Beatles were officially no longer a band in 1974
-In the year 274 St. Felix quit as pope
-The first freeway in Cali opened in 1940
-TV was patent in 1938

and if I were from Jupiter I would only be 1.26 years old there....WOW! Thanks for the useless facts father;)

{69/365}:Bad Kids-The Black Laps
{70/365}:A Kiss Is Not A Contract-Flight of the Conchords
{71/365}:The Ghost Of You-My Chemical Romance



December 30th, 2009

Hello! So it's officially my 15th birthday, but my mom isn't snowed so she couldn't get home.Also, I can't take my test because I don't have a school permission thing...really lame. Last night I went midnight bowling with my dad, that was cool. Today it just snowed. I hope Thursday will go better.. I'll upload pictures later....nighty*night

Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 27th, 2009

Hello! So its officially 2 day after Christmas...and I did nothing but download apps on my new iPhone and sleep:) It was my Christmas and birthday gift from my dad's family. I'm so happy!! I downloaded the BEST app...the EXTREME WATER SLIDE :D One of THE best apps of all time, besides the T-Pain app!! ha ha...well Christmas at my dad's was obviously good since my present..and some kickin moccasins from my grandparents. My grandpa wrapped it and covered my new moccasins with his elderly shoes...good one grandpa! Gabby spent the night and me and Chelsea went home and attempted to watch The Hangover. I was falling asleep.Yesterday I watched the first 2 disks of season 5 of The Office, downloaded a ghost app and cleaned the living room. Pretty productive! Today at 10 grandma came over to make 3 lbs of bacon for Christmas breakfast with my mom's family. It was fun...i got a LOMO camera lens for my Nikon...I'm so excited to take some pictures:) So on January I am going to start my "Wreck this Journal" project:) That is going to be very exciting..I'll be continuing my 365 song and picture project...and I'm continuing 10 Things I LOVE Sunday, but I'm changing it too Friday seems to be difficult keeping up the night before school. Tomorrow Mick might be coming over and hanging out, then Gabby and me and are going midnight bowling with my dad. Next Wednesday is my 15Th birthday and the day I take my permit! I have been studying..hopefully I get it and will be driving soon:) Well here are the pictures and songs and an early 10 Things I LOVE Sunday(not holiday related)...OK enjoy:)-Maddy<3

{66/365}:Love Your Way-Powderfinger
{67/365}:Dark Blue-Jack's Mannequin
{68/365}:I Wanna Love You- Cover-The Maine


10 Things I L O V E Sunday:::

10.This Blog:)

9.Vintage Painted Owls<3

8.My bubble wrap calendar<3

7.These kitchens<3


5.These pictures<3

4.Yes Man movie<3

3.(500) Days of Summer<3

2.The Office+Pam and Jim's wedding<3

1.My iPhone<33

Have a wonderful Sunday:)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas:)

Hello! So it's Christmas:)I'm just waiting for Chelsea to finish getting ready and then we are heading to my dad's house to celebrate with him. Last night we opened gifts at 10:40....but before that we went to dinner at The Village..yum<3 then we drove down a neighborhood filled with glowing lights. Then something happened with the tire so we drove home and Ray changed it. Me and Gabby really wanted to go to the racetrack, because we do every year and we still had almost 2 hours to kill, so we went. Unfortunately, we brought the dogs. The whole trip, Tink kept sneaking to the front and Prince was whimpering and grunting...but when we got there it was OK. Prince was bundled up with Gabby. Tink was with Ray, and I took over 300 pictures of bokeh and the beautiful lights:) I'll post them later, along with today's pictures and last nights gift opening. Some things I got were a cute camera necklace, mustache socks, lots of makeup:) and a really cool journal, where you do what the page says, like "cover this page in stickers you peel off fruit". It's going to be another little project that I will do on here. Well were leaving..have a wonderful Christmas:)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23rd, 2009!

HELLO:D So yesterday til like 8:30, I was at my mom's work taking pictures of the Christmas party they were was so..well "lively". HA. Today I went to my dad's and hung out, and watched Richie of THE best movies of ALL TIME! it truly is magic:) Then I watched Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer..another AMAZING holiday movie...I'm a goof. HA...well tomorrow Chelsea has to work and so we are opening presents at 10:30 tomorrow night...OK well enjoy some pictures and songs;) Merry Almost Christmas!

{64/365}:Amazing Because It Is-The Almost
{65/365}:Lazy Sunday-The Lonely Island

[113/365]:My first "attempt" at a homemade bokeh filter:)

Richie Rich

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Im getting my permit in a week:)
(imagine that says fifteen not sixteen:)

Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21st! 2009

HELLO! So I haven't posted since last week because I have been VERY VERY VERY busy. Wednesday I hung out with my grandparents, like usual. Thursday I did nothing exciting. My mom, Gab, and Chelsea went to the mall. Friday at school I made brownies for Christmas presents for friends, and watched movies in a lot of my classes. Chelsea and I went shopping for food for Saturday. Then Saturday, I woke up at 12. I still had to clean the WHOLE house and the party started at 7. We still had to pick up two of my friends and pick up the pizza. We did it, and my party was fun. All the food and soda was gone by the end. Ha. Lyric spent the night and yesterday we just hung out at home. Today I woke up and my stomach hurt so bad. Tomorrow I have to go to work with my mom and stay at her work til 4 until the Christmas party, where I get to take pictures of the residents. fun...then Wednesday we are going to my dads. Thursday is Christmas Eve, which is when we do Christmas with my mom. Traditionally we go out for dinner and drive around to see lights. I think this year we are going to the racetrack lights:) Also, Richard will be joining us. Then we go home and open presents. Christmas morning we go to my dad's. It feels like Winter break is going REALLY fast. I have one week to finish my drivers manual, read a Truman Capote book and then school again. Well here are a weeks worth of pictures and music. Also last nights 10 Things I LOVE Sunday. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!!! He turns "28" today:) ha ha...OK enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS:)

{58/365}:All Around Me-Flyleaf
{59/365}:Hide and Seek-Imogen Heap
{60/365}:Beverly Hills-Weezer
{61/365}:She Will Be Loved-Maroon 5
{62/365}:Damned If I Do Ya-All Time Low
{63/365}:Just Dance-Lady Gaga


10 Things I L O V E Sunday(Christmas Loves<3)

10.Vintage Button Tree<3

9.Baking Christmas Treats<3

8.Charlie Brown Christmas<3

7.Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree<3

6.Paper chains<3

5.Christmas Lights<3

4.Jack Frost<3

3.Abominable Snowman<3