Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 30th, 2010

Not a lot to write, so here are some pictures(: The blue cups and new camera are my Friday Favorites!! ENJOY!

(Top 4 are 365 pictures 269-273)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Late Night Posting. I cannot sleep, cause when I got home today at 4pm, I went to bed, because I was so tired, and slept all the way till 8pm! So I am finishing all my homework for every class, and watching Project Runway, trying to fall asleep. Today was a really good day, nothing really too interesting, all my classes were the usual. So here is the 365 picture, and another ADORABLE picture I adore(: Enjoy and have a wonderful Wednesday! XO.Maddy!



Monday, May 24, 2010

First of the week is always....

Well it's Monday. And nothing really exciting happened. I woke up and went to my classes. It was a B day and just kind of Only 18 more school days and it is going by SO QUICK! I love it<3 haha. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, Wednesday we are celebrating Gabby's birthday at my dads, Thursday I am going to the High School Talent Show, Friday is Gabby's friend birthday, Saturday is not really planned yet. I think Gabby and I are going to my aunts house to hang out with her(: Then Monday we have no school since it's Memorial Day! Oh yeah, three day weekend! Anyways, that's whats going on this week! Here is the 365 picture, and a picture I ADORE<3 Enjoy!!! XO.Maddy!



PS:My 'C' on my keyboard is dumb and not working!! I have to press it like 10 times to get one!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello! So yesterday was really fun! We got up at 7:30 and went to Old Navy to the $1 Flip-Flop sale! Then we all headed over to Clackamas Mall and went shopping! We were there for about 3 hours, and had a really fun time(: Then we went to Red Robin for lunch, and then went home. Gabby, Mick and I watched some "Saved by the Bell", until Mick and I fell asleep! Then he left and I just went back sleeping, cause I was tired! Anyways...there isn't really much going on today, I am probably going to do some homework and attempt to read Romeo and Juliet. So here are the 365 pictures. Enjoy! XO.Maddy.



Have a wonderful week!

Friday, May 21, 2010


It has been 2 weeks! Lots of things have happened in the past two weeks so I am here to share with everyone(: Last Wednesday Gabby and Amanda, and I went to Hood River to go take pictures at Jeff's dad's farm. It was AMAZING!! The pictures are way cool, so I'll mos def post lots of them. Last Thursday I went to "Lear", the spring play my school was putting on, it was really good, but somewhat confusing. Then last Friday we went to my dad's house and hung out there all weekend. I had gone to a cosmic bowling party on Saturday night, then back to my dad's till Sunday. Chelsea and Aunt De picked Gabby and I up and we went to El Indios(: We all ordered food, then Gabby goes and orders a chocolate fried ice cream that was the size of Texas! But it did taste pretty good! Then this Monday I had to read Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet, and let me tell you, that that book( even with spark notes) it WAY too complicated to read! Who say doth and thou, come on people! ANYWAYS, Wednesday we finally had a family dinner at my grandparents house, since their back from their road trip(: It was good to have them back! I needed my fix of spaghetti! Ha ha, then yesterday I just finished up math homework, and we went to see "Just Wright" at 7:30 at night! Talk about last minute plans! Also, we had a GIGANTIC rain storm that was crazy. It looked like it had snowed after the rain stopped cause it hailed so hard. So there's pictures of that.Today was Friday, and I am doing a whole lot of nothing. Chelsea is coming hoe and then we are going to do our usual Friday Night and go roam the streets, not in Gresham, though, cause it seems whenever we are out in the town over there, something bad seems too happen. Coincidence? I think not! Anyways, now I am updating my blog! Tomorrow is Gabrielle's 13th Birthday, so we are going to do something for her. Then next weekend is her party with friends. Then only a couple more weeks till school is out(: Summer 2010 is going to be AMAZING<3 Okay, here are pictures, and a HUGE collage of Friday Favorite's and the Hood River pictures! ENJOY. XO.Maddy!

Also, watch the lovely Luke James preform one of my favorite songs- Breakeven by The Script!



~Hood River Pictures~

P.S. Go too Google and play Pac Man on their logo, for Pac Man's 30th birthday:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Updating the old blog...

Well it has been quite a few weeks since I last updated, which means I have A LOT of things to catch all of you up on! So I am just going to make a little list of the past weeks. I can't remember a lot of the last weeks in April, but I do remember most of last week! So here goes:

3rd: Went to Taco House for Mom and Ray's anniversary

5th: Went to my dad's...typical Wednesday

7th: Went to Dad's house

8th: Hung out with my padre, and went to Janessa's softball game

9th: Mother's Day! Went to Applebees and Antique Stores(:

10th: Today. B day!

So yeah..nothing too exiting, just lots of homework and week night plans! I'm also now the current owner of a nasty burn on my left hand pointer finger and thumb:( I burned it on a curling iron yesterday when I was getting ready! I'm all good now. Today was pretty fast, thank god! I hate A days on Mondays! Plus, this week we have a half day, so I get out at 11:30! YAY! Might be going with Amanda to Hood River, but we'll see. So yesterday when I got home, Gabby and I cleaned out entire room. Now it is all clean and neat for summer(: I cleaned out my closet, rearranged a couple things, and now it's all good(: I also got this super cute camera at the antique store! It is so small! Ooh, also, only 26 more days of school! Freshman year has seriously gone by too quickly, but I'll be happy when summer finally gets here! Well nothing more to say, so here are the pictures i missed. I think I'll be done with 365 pretty soon. Also, i am merging the Friday Favorites from the past weeks into just one HUGE Favorite collage. It has many cute things(: Okay, enjoy! XO.Maddy!


:::::::::::Friday Favorites:::::::::