Monday, May 10, 2010

Updating the old blog...

Well it has been quite a few weeks since I last updated, which means I have A LOT of things to catch all of you up on! So I am just going to make a little list of the past weeks. I can't remember a lot of the last weeks in April, but I do remember most of last week! So here goes:

3rd: Went to Taco House for Mom and Ray's anniversary

5th: Went to my dad's...typical Wednesday

7th: Went to Dad's house

8th: Hung out with my padre, and went to Janessa's softball game

9th: Mother's Day! Went to Applebees and Antique Stores(:

10th: Today. B day!

So yeah..nothing too exiting, just lots of homework and week night plans! I'm also now the current owner of a nasty burn on my left hand pointer finger and thumb:( I burned it on a curling iron yesterday when I was getting ready! I'm all good now. Today was pretty fast, thank god! I hate A days on Mondays! Plus, this week we have a half day, so I get out at 11:30! YAY! Might be going with Amanda to Hood River, but we'll see. So yesterday when I got home, Gabby and I cleaned out entire room. Now it is all clean and neat for summer(: I cleaned out my closet, rearranged a couple things, and now it's all good(: I also got this super cute camera at the antique store! It is so small! Ooh, also, only 26 more days of school! Freshman year has seriously gone by too quickly, but I'll be happy when summer finally gets here! Well nothing more to say, so here are the pictures i missed. I think I'll be done with 365 pretty soon. Also, i am merging the Friday Favorites from the past weeks into just one HUGE Favorite collage. It has many cute things(: Okay, enjoy! XO.Maddy!


:::::::::::Friday Favorites:::::::::

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