Sunday, January 31, 2010


One of my mom's self involvment sheets for today: Starring me!

Ello Loves....

It has been quite a week for me. I have been trying to get ready and study for finals this coming week! I'm so nervous/excited since school doesnt start til 9:25:) One more hour of sleep...yay! yeah, my week has been a little wild, I made a huge notebook filled with the study guides for all my classes, I finished two very long books(now reading my third) and keeping up with everything else in my life. I'm just glad that half my freshman year is over with, it gets me closer to graduating! Today I am studying, just drove for like 2 hours and gonna watch the Grammys:))Well here are like all of the things I missed out on showing everyone this past week, including a fun little art project my mom, mick, and my sisters did last weekend out of pure creative boredness:) Enjoy loves. XO. Maddy:D

{99/365}:Everything Is Alright-MCS
{100!/365}:LIfe Magazine-Cold Cave
{101/365}:America's Suithearts-FOB
{103/365}:Losing my Way-JT
{104/365}:Hills and valleys- The Rocket Summer
{105/365}:Anywhere But Here-MP
{106/365}:Paper Planes-MIA












:::::::::::::::::::::::Friday Favorites:::::::::::::::::

This face wash<3 It may seem corny, but this stuff is magic waiting to invade your face with love and awesomeness:)))

Tree Houses<3

Community<3 Need I say more?!

Our Art Projects from the past weekend:) We all had so much fun painting canvas' and just creating fun pictures<3 CanvasClub4LIfe!!






Enjoy your Sunday and wish me luck on my finals!!!! Chao<3

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I will be posting all the usual, plus my big art project from last weekend:) Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 22nd, 2010!

Hello! So it has been FOREVER since I last updated, so this post will be filled with many exciting pictures and projects. My 2 weeks worth of Wreck this Journal and 365 songs and pictures. Also, Friday Favorites. But first, my description of the past week. Monday, since there was no school, I got ready for the week, I did all my laundry, cleaned my room, did my homework, and read 460 pages of a great book. Also, watched Season 1-3 of The Office, so pretty successful day. Tuesday I stayed home because I had a bad stomach ace. Wednesday was a half day at school. Ray went to Louisiana to visit his mom. I went to my dad's house and then spaghetti at my grandparents. Then went driving at night:) Very exciting experience. Thursday I just fell asleep and had a headache. Today school was really lame, but then me and Mick spent 3 hours at the Girls Varsity Basketball game taking pictures of Mariah and Shayanne. I got home a little while ago, and now watching The Office Season 4. My favorite:)) Jim and Pam are together<33 OK...well here are the past week things. Enjoy. XO.Maddy<3

365 Songs:
{90/365}:Love you to Death-Kill Hannah
{91/365}:All The Small Things-Blink 182
{92/365}:For Your Entertainment-Adam Lambert
{93/365}:This Ones For The History Books-Callahan
{94/365}:Can't Be Saved-Senses Fail
{95/365}:In Love With A Girl-Gavin DeGraw
{96/365}:Human-The Killers

365 Pictures:

::::::::::Friday Favorites::::::::::

These cute toy cameras<3


Wood grain iPhone covers<3

City Skylines<3


Wreck this Journal-Page.11
"Press leaves and other found things here"

Wreck this Journal-Page.12
"Scratch this page with a sharp object"

Wreck this Journal-Page.13
"Do some pencil rubbings on this page"

Wreck this Journal-Page.14
"Scribble wildly, violently, with reckless abandon"

Wreck this Journal-Page.15
"Tear strips, Rip it Up!"

Wreck this Journal-Page.16
"Glue these pages together"

Wreck this Journal-Page.17
"Fill this page with circles"

Wreck this Journal-Page.18
"Document your dinner"

Wreck this Journal-Page.19
"Chew on this"

Wreck this Journal-Page.20
"Make a funnel and drink some water"

Wreck this Journal-Page.21
"Tear out, and crumple"

Wreck this Journal-Page.22
"Make a paper airplane"

Have a nice Weekend:))