Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 22nd, 2010!

Hello! So it has been FOREVER since I last updated, so this post will be filled with many exciting pictures and projects. My 2 weeks worth of Wreck this Journal and 365 songs and pictures. Also, Friday Favorites. But first, my description of the past week. Monday, since there was no school, I got ready for the week, I did all my laundry, cleaned my room, did my homework, and read 460 pages of a great book. Also, watched Season 1-3 of The Office, so pretty successful day. Tuesday I stayed home because I had a bad stomach ace. Wednesday was a half day at school. Ray went to Louisiana to visit his mom. I went to my dad's house and then spaghetti at my grandparents. Then went driving at night:) Very exciting experience. Thursday I just fell asleep and had a headache. Today school was really lame, but then me and Mick spent 3 hours at the Girls Varsity Basketball game taking pictures of Mariah and Shayanne. I got home a little while ago, and now watching The Office Season 4. My favorite:)) Jim and Pam are together<33 OK...well here are the past week things. Enjoy. XO.Maddy<3

365 Songs:
{90/365}:Love you to Death-Kill Hannah
{91/365}:All The Small Things-Blink 182
{92/365}:For Your Entertainment-Adam Lambert
{93/365}:This Ones For The History Books-Callahan
{94/365}:Can't Be Saved-Senses Fail
{95/365}:In Love With A Girl-Gavin DeGraw
{96/365}:Human-The Killers

365 Pictures:

::::::::::Friday Favorites::::::::::

These cute toy cameras<3


Wood grain iPhone covers<3

City Skylines<3


Wreck this Journal-Page.11
"Press leaves and other found things here"

Wreck this Journal-Page.12
"Scratch this page with a sharp object"

Wreck this Journal-Page.13
"Do some pencil rubbings on this page"

Wreck this Journal-Page.14
"Scribble wildly, violently, with reckless abandon"

Wreck this Journal-Page.15
"Tear strips, Rip it Up!"

Wreck this Journal-Page.16
"Glue these pages together"

Wreck this Journal-Page.17
"Fill this page with circles"

Wreck this Journal-Page.18
"Document your dinner"

Wreck this Journal-Page.19
"Chew on this"

Wreck this Journal-Page.20
"Make a funnel and drink some water"

Wreck this Journal-Page.21
"Tear out, and crumple"

Wreck this Journal-Page.22
"Make a paper airplane"

Have a nice Weekend:))

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