Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's been a while...

Hello Blog readers, the few that there are! I have had a pretty busy week, lots I had to get done! Well, Sunday we went to the Tulip Festival....truly spectacular! Monday I went and finished all the homework I didn't do the previous weekend. Tuesday, Beth and I went to the baseball game at the High rained on us:( but it was fun! Wednesday we went to my dad's house and hung out with him. Thursday I finished even more homework. Friday there was an assembly at school, and it actually felt like way closer to summer. Then Gabby and I came to my dad's, I attempted to read "Lord of the Flies" for English, but ended up doing the rest of my math homework, and working on the science extra credit. Today, Gabby and I went to McCrae's for breakfast with my Aunt Rae, and then hung out at her house. all day(: I actually got very far in "Lord of the Flies", but then it got cold outside, so Gabby and I went inside and watched Iron Chef with Aunt Rae till my dad came to get us. Then we made trail mix, and that leads me too now. Updating my neglected blog. Well fear no more, I am here to update! Tulip Pictures, 365 Pictures(I'm getting close),and Friday Favorites! I have decided that I am not going to continue the 365 songs. I need to be more organized with it, I want to have no repeats of songs, but there have been alot of repeated songs. I think once I have finished the picture 365 project and finished all the journal entry posts, I will pick it back up, since that will be the only thing left on my blog(: haha. But for now Here are the pictures, I'll probably update next Friday, since this week will be swamped with even more homework! Haha, Enjoy. XO. Maddy!

365 Pictures-

::::::::::Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival::::::::::

::::::::::Friday Favorites::::::::::
I absolutely love everything about "The Devil Wears Prada"! The fashion, the make-up, the whole movie!


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