Monday, May 24, 2010

First of the week is always....

Well it's Monday. And nothing really exciting happened. I woke up and went to my classes. It was a B day and just kind of Only 18 more school days and it is going by SO QUICK! I love it<3 haha. Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment, Wednesday we are celebrating Gabby's birthday at my dads, Thursday I am going to the High School Talent Show, Friday is Gabby's friend birthday, Saturday is not really planned yet. I think Gabby and I are going to my aunts house to hang out with her(: Then Monday we have no school since it's Memorial Day! Oh yeah, three day weekend! Anyways, that's whats going on this week! Here is the 365 picture, and a picture I ADORE<3 Enjoy!!! XO.Maddy!



PS:My 'C' on my keyboard is dumb and not working!! I have to press it like 10 times to get one!

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