Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas:)

Hello! So it's Christmas:)I'm just waiting for Chelsea to finish getting ready and then we are heading to my dad's house to celebrate with him. Last night we opened gifts at 10:40....but before that we went to dinner at The Village..yum<3 then we drove down a neighborhood filled with glowing lights. Then something happened with the tire so we drove home and Ray changed it. Me and Gabby really wanted to go to the racetrack, because we do every year and we still had almost 2 hours to kill, so we went. Unfortunately, we brought the dogs. The whole trip, Tink kept sneaking to the front and Prince was whimpering and grunting...but when we got there it was OK. Prince was bundled up with Gabby. Tink was with Ray, and I took over 300 pictures of bokeh and the beautiful lights:) I'll post them later, along with today's pictures and last nights gift opening. Some things I got were a cute camera necklace, mustache socks, lots of makeup:) and a really cool journal, where you do what the page says, like "cover this page in stickers you peel off fruit". It's going to be another little project that I will do on here. Well were leaving..have a wonderful Christmas:)

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