Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 27th, 2009

Hello! So its officially 2 day after Christmas...and I did nothing but download apps on my new iPhone and sleep:) It was my Christmas and birthday gift from my dad's family. I'm so happy!! I downloaded the BEST app...the EXTREME WATER SLIDE :D One of THE best apps of all time, besides the T-Pain app!! ha ha...well Christmas at my dad's was obviously good since my present..and some kickin moccasins from my grandparents. My grandpa wrapped it and covered my new moccasins with his elderly shoes...good one grandpa! Gabby spent the night and me and Chelsea went home and attempted to watch The Hangover. I was falling asleep.Yesterday I watched the first 2 disks of season 5 of The Office, downloaded a ghost app and cleaned the living room. Pretty productive! Today at 10 grandma came over to make 3 lbs of bacon for Christmas breakfast with my mom's family. It was fun...i got a LOMO camera lens for my Nikon...I'm so excited to take some pictures:) So on January I am going to start my "Wreck this Journal" project:) That is going to be very exciting..I'll be continuing my 365 song and picture project...and I'm continuing 10 Things I LOVE Sunday, but I'm changing it too Friday seems to be difficult keeping up the night before school. Tomorrow Mick might be coming over and hanging out, then Gabby and me and are going midnight bowling with my dad. Next Wednesday is my 15Th birthday and the day I take my permit! I have been studying..hopefully I get it and will be driving soon:) Well here are the pictures and songs and an early 10 Things I LOVE Sunday(not holiday related)...OK enjoy:)-Maddy<3

{66/365}:Love Your Way-Powderfinger
{67/365}:Dark Blue-Jack's Mannequin
{68/365}:I Wanna Love You- Cover-The Maine


10 Things I L O V E Sunday:::

10.This Blog:)

9.Vintage Painted Owls<3

8.My bubble wrap calendar<3

7.These kitchens<3


5.These pictures<3

4.Yes Man movie<3

3.(500) Days of Summer<3

2.The Office+Pam and Jim's wedding<3

1.My iPhone<33

Have a wonderful Sunday:)

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