Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30th, 2009:D today I turned 15 at exactly 6:38pm! I didn't get to take my permit test, because Oregon requires a slip from your school saying you attend. LAME! So I'll get it when I go back on the 4Th, and hopefully take it next week. Tonight we went to Outback for dinner and had this chocolate cake that was truly had like 10 layers of chocolate and chocolate crumb with raspberry sauce and ice cream....OH SNAP it was good<3 I got "Paranormal Activity" and "Taking Woodstock<3" for my birthday and i get a new straightener:) Aha HALLELUJAH! Ha we went home and watched "Paranormal Activity" and now I'm blogging:)Tomorrow night I am going to my dad's for a New Years/birthday party for me shindig at his house..Lyric might come with too:) Well all the snow melted today..thank god! week I have to go back to school:( I just hope this is a good last week. It is also OFFICIALLY 1 year since I got my Nikon camera, which I named Candice:D Ha ha...So yeah...thanks to my dad, I have some fun December 30Th facts:) here are the facts, songs, and pictures!!!ENJOY..xoxo.Maddy

On December 30th it's their birthday::
-Tiger Woods
-Matt Lauer
-He said Davy Jones??? HA
-Meridith Vieira-56
-Laila Ali-32
-LeBron James-25

On December these things happened:::::
-The Beatles were officially no longer a band in 1974
-In the year 274 St. Felix quit as pope
-The first freeway in Cali opened in 1940
-TV was patent in 1938

and if I were from Jupiter I would only be 1.26 years old there....WOW! Thanks for the useless facts father;)

{69/365}:Bad Kids-The Black Laps
{70/365}:A Kiss Is Not A Contract-Flight of the Conchords
{71/365}:The Ghost Of You-My Chemical Romance



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