Friday, January 1, 2010

JANUARY 1st, 2009:D

Hello! So I am posting from my phone:) We are watching the rosebowl game against Oregon and Ohio!!!I'm not a fan of watching football,but it's a pretty intense game..last night for new years eve Lyric came over and hung out at my dads. The older kids watched Paranormal Activity....and watching it on the big projector was even more scary than just watching it on a regular tv. We wait up til 12 and people outside were doing big fireworks outside... Here is a list of things I want to do this year:) I am also. Starting my wreck this journal too. I'll post more later, jus though I would do a mini post:) XOXO.Maddy<3

My goals for 2010::::
1) I want to complete my 365 project for songs and pictures
2) Succesfully compete my journal project
3) Grow my hair out longer
4) Watch the whole Friday the 13th collection in one day!!
5) Take more creative pictures with my new lens:)
6) Read all of In Cold Blood
7) Keep my room clean for atleast a full week
8) Post EVERY day
9) Download lots of apps:)
10) Pass Ms. Trans class!! That's a tough one!!

Ok enjoy your week I'll be back to do my new Friday Favorites and do th songs pictures and journal project:D

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