Friday, July 30, 2010

My Summer is about to begin!!!!

HELLO:) Well, I haven't updated for 5 days! BUT, I am going to be gone for a week at the beach with Felicia!!! I'm so excited:D Well here's the update on the past days; Monday-Just bummed around, nothing special! Tuesday-My padre's birthday! Chelsea and I went over and kicked it with him for a little. Wednesday-We had a party for my dad at his house. Mick came over and we watched a movie! Thursday-Gabby, Carisa, My dad, and I went to the 'Elvis On Tour' movie at Clackamas. It was really cool:) Friday-I took Amanda's maternity pictures! They turned out pretty awesome! OOH, and my camera is being fixed(: Thanks to some awesome people;) I should have it by the time I get back from the beach. Well, that's about it! here are the 365 pictures and Friday Favorite! ENJOY:D


::::::::::FRIDAY FAVORITE::::::::::
All of these...<3

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