Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hello! So I am obviously back from camping with Felicia! It was so fun and I'm glad I got to go with her this past week! I did so many things I have never tried before, like gravy. I know, not that big of stretch, but it was for me! We roasted hot dogs on the fire, which I have also never done, and had HUGE marshmallowy-goodness smores! Also, we went to California and saw the Redwoods! Were in 'bear country'...very exciting! Well I kept track of what we did the past week, so here's what happened:

Saturday-Felicia came over and helped me pack. Mick also came over and hung out before my mom took us to Felicia's. There, she finished packing and we watched Lifetime movies, and then went to bed.

Sunday-We woke up at like 7 a.m., we packed ourselves into the car and headed on our way. We hit a McDonalds, for some good McGriddle breakfast, we listened to music, read our books, took pictures on the ride there. When we got there, Felicia and I set up our tent, and our sleeping-bags, then headed down to check out the beach. It was so pretty! Then we came back to camp and played cards. It was pretty cold, but we had a good fire, that we also roasted hot dogs on(: We watched Mean Girls, and then went to bed.

Monday-Woke up, had an eggs and bacon breakfast with maple toast, then went coast exploring. We hiked up and down hills to get to each coast. Then we went down Seven Devils Road, which was really rocky and had no reception. Then while Felicia's parents went and looked around on the beach, we played 20 questions. Then we went to the mini-mart, where I made some phone calls, stocked up on junk food. We headed back to camp and I took a shower. Then Felicia and I walked around the campsite and saw Yurts! We decided to go read our Summer Homework books and then we made kabobs for dinner. We went on a walk down to the beach, and then had some smores. We watched Blair Witch and then went to bed.

Tuesday-We got up, had cereal and then went to look for some more beaches. We went to the Botanical Gardens and then Felicia and I played poker in the car while her parents went to the gift shop. Then we went to the BEST showers ever in a campground and then made 'hobo dinners'. We stuck chicken, potatoes, onions&peppers, in a foil bag and cooked it on the fire. Then we went to the beach, had some smores, we watched a movie, and then went to bed.

Wednesday-We woke up and got ready to go to CALIFORNIA!! It was about a 3 or 4 hour drive one way to the Redwoods. When we got there, we hiked 1/2 mile one way through the forest to see the huge trees! They were so amazing! I had never seen anything like them before! Then we had sandwiches in a little picnic place. We stopped off at a beach and went 'wave jumping', and then we were on our way back to Oregon. We came through Bandon, OR and stopped to get some food. I had some of the BEST clam strips ever, then we bought Lifeguard sweatshirts. We went back to camp, and called it an early night.

Thursday-Biscuits & Gravy! It was DELICIOUS. Felicia and I read our books, then went to the the store and then went to the dunes. It took us about 5 minutes to climb up this really HUGE one(they were all pretty big), then we walked along the beach. We went back to camp played some cards, read and then had a steak & potatoes dinner. We watched Stay Alive and then went to bed.

Friday-Fresh Blueberry Pancakes! THE BOMB<3 Then we read a lot, took showers, read some more, and then hiked 1/2 mile to the WWII bunker. Then we headed back to camp, had hot dogs, read some more, than we took a 3 hour nap. We read some more then had sandwiches, smores, watched (500) Days Of Summer, read more and then went to bed.

Saturday-We woke up, packed all our stuff up, folded up the sleeping-bags/air mattresses/tent. Then we sat in the car and read for about 2 hours. We headed for a McDonalds for lunch, then headed for Portland. I read, listened to music, and napped for a little. Then Chelsea picked me up at Felicia's house. It was really awesome to see everyone! Then my mom, Gabby and I went to Cruisers, delicious!

So that's about it! It was really fun and Felicia and I laughed really hard the whole time(: So I'm going to finish my summer homework in the next week or so, and tomorrow we might go see baby Logan(: So excited!!! One month till school starts, ugh. Well here is the pictures. ENJOY!!


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