Friday, April 9, 2010


Hellllo:) So it's been a week since I last updated. Nothing too exciting happened. We had an Easter party with my aunt and cousins. Colored eggs. The usual. Then this week was pretty mellow. So I am combining last weeks and this weeks Friday Favorites because this morning I watched my FAVORITE movie: Into the Wild:) So that's whats happening. I still haven't finished all the pages for the Journal so those won't be updated today. So here are pictures/songs/and FF I missed:) Enjoy the following: XO.Maddy!

{169.365}:Sweet Dreams-Anne Hall
{170.365}:I'm So Sick-Flyleaf
{171.365}:Nine In The Afternoon-Panic! at the Disco
{173.365}:Your Call-Secondhand Serenade
{174.365}:Pork and Beans-Weezer
{175.365}:Bad Kids-The Black Lips
{176.365}:Speed of Sound-Pearl Jam


FRIDAY FAVORITES:: Into the Wild + Salvation Mountain = <3

Into the Wild

The Real Christopher McCandless

Salvation Mountain

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