Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st, 2010

Hello. So it's April Fools Day, and I don't have school. The one day a year where people pull pranks on each other, and the cancel school. Lame. But I am Okay, I got to sleep in and not have to ride the bus with the loud middleschoolers(when I spell checked that word<-middleschoolers, it spell checked schoolmasters? ha ha I didn't think that was a word.) and Bryant today:) Well the last time I updated was last Friday, so I have a week to make up for, PLUS tomorrow is the last page of the journal:( But I will be sort of happy that I have completed it and not have to do it anymore:) I am going to update it later though, since it's gonna take a while to finish everything. So yeah, nothing really exciting to tell you all from this past week. I had A LOT of homework to do, so I couldn't really update it. I slept an average of about 5 hours all week long. But I still managed to stay awake in my class, except Science. That class is just boring. Well here are the week necessities. PLUS, i couldn't wait till Friday Favorites to share these cute pictures with you, so they'll be there too:) Enjoy. XO.Maddy!

I<3 these pictures:

{163.365}:Bad Kids-The Black Lips
{165.365}:Dammit-Blink 182
{166.365}:Waking Up in Vegas-Katy Perry
{167.365}:Everything is Alright-MCS
{168.365}:Adam's Song-Blink 182


P.S. I shaved my head.
April Fools:) I know it was a lame one, but I couldn't think of something else.

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