Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22nd, 2010...SPRING BREAK(:

Hello! So it is officially Spring Break! The past week at school has been veeery busy. Monday I stayed after to take baseball pictures, Tuesday I had to write a rough draft on Old Man and the Sea, Wednesday I went to my dad's, Thursday I had to finish up on a ton of math homework, Friday I went to the baseball game at my school to take pictures of the Freshman Varsity player. Beth and Ashley came too. It was really fun(: Then Saturday I went to Canon beach with Beth, Ashley, and Beth's mom's friend Roberta. It was really cool. We were there and saw a unveiling of a statue for a late friend of a shop owner there. We were 40 minutes early, so we got really close to see. Ashley wanted coffee, so she went to get some while me and Beth waited outside. Then Ashley wanted some sugar for her coffee, so went in and put what she thought was sugar in her coffee....and a lot of it. Then Beth said "What if that was salt" and Ashley said "Why would there be salt here?" Ashley tasted to top of the "sugar" shaker, and it was SALT! Ha ha...good laughs. We watched the unveiling, it was really cool. We walked on the beach for about all of 10 minutes, but it was so windy and cold, we decided to walk around in town. So we walked in and out of shops, had lunch at Moes<3 Aha so delicious! We listened to Micheal Jackson and Queen the WHOLE way there too:) ha ha...but it was an overall really fun day. Then Sunday I folded laundry cause my mom decided that's what we were going to do. We did that, I read a book, and we had chicken enchiladas for dinner and watched New Moon. Well today, I am finishing up homework so I won't have to do it later this week, and finishing cleaning my room, updating EVERYTHING on my blog, yes even most of the journal pages, and well that's about it(: So here are ALL the things I have missed, I promise I will update everyday this Spring Break, so stay updated on reading:) Here are the usual! Enjoy.XO.Maddy!

{151.365}:Ashley-Escape the Fate
{152.365}:Skyway Avenue-We the Kings
{153.365}:Still Breathing-Mayday Parade
{154.365}:Hard Sun-Pearl Jam
{155.365}:Hey Brittney-FTSK
{156.365}:I Saw It On Your Keyboard-Hellogoodbye
{157.365}:Tell Me Where You Are-Hit The Lights
{158.365}:Later is Better-Living with Lions

[194.365]-[201.365](I made it to 200!)

Friday Favorites:
Jared Leto<3 His music is AMAZING!!

Wreck this Journal:
"Scribble Wildly with borrowed pens"

"Trace your Hand"

"Draw with Glue"

"Document a boring event in detail"

"Create a drawing using your hair"

"Glue in a photo of yourself, deface it"

"Draw Lines using abnormal writing utensils"

"Fill this page in when you are angry"

"Write or draw with your LEFT hand"

"Find a way to wear the Journal"

"This page is a sign, what do you want it to say?"

"Create a nonstop line"

"Space for negative comments"

"Draw lines with a pen, lick your fingers, and smear them"

"Lose this page, accept the loss"

"A page for 4 letter words"

"Glue in a page from a magazine, circle words you like"

"Write with the pen in your mouth"

Hope you have a wonderful week, even if it's not your Spring Break(:

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