Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25th, 2010

Hello! So this Spring Break has been really exciting lately. Tuesday I hung out, and finished up on everything. Then Chelsea, her friend Morgan, and I went and had El Indio, and hung out with her friends. Then Wednesday Chelsea and I went and hung out with Julia and Jonai. We went to McMenamins at Edgefield, and then Voodoo Donuts! I had the Bacon Maple Bar<3 WOW! Then we took them home, picked up Mick and went to my grandparents house. Then Chelsea brought us back, and we watched New Moon. My mom took him home and I tried to go to bed. But just as I was about to fall asleep, Chelsea calls and makes me go to Denny's with her. I got THE BEST wheat pancakes. These 3 guys came in and were THE LOUDEST people ever! Then these drunk ladies came in and were like "Do you have any wine?" and got all pissed. Then Chelsea and I got out of there QUICK! So today I am doing nothing. Tomorrow I might be hanging out with some friends, and then I'm going to my dad's house this weekend. Well, here are the pictures and songs. I'll update my journal pictures tomorrow, when I finish them. BYE! XO.Maddy!

{159.365}:Helena-My Chemical Romance
{160.365}:Revenge On The Radio-Danger Is My Middle Name
{161.365}:Sex Ed Rocks-I Set My Friends On Fire ft. Smosh


Enjoy your Thursday:)

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