Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14th. 2010

Hello! So it has been a week, since I last updated. Last weekend I was at my mom's house. I went to a play with my friend Caitlyn at her school on Saturday. Sunday was just one of those bum around days. Monday was a B day, my personal favorite! No PE:) Then Tuesday was the BSU assembly, and PE:( Wednesday was a full day, after I went to my grandparents with my dad. My grandpa taught me how to drive a stick shift. Thursday was the Rose Festival Princess assembly. Friday was just like every other B day:) School ended, and we came over to my dad's. Friday night we watched The Others, and had pizza. Then Saturday we went to my Aunt De's new house all day long. It is probably THE coolest house ever! The view is AMAZING! When everything is lit up at night is is beautiful. So we hung out there till about 8 or 9. Came back, had some popcorn and watched Land of the Lost. Then we all went to bed. Sunday I went to my aunts, watched a movie and read The Old Man and the Sea. Today I went to school, it wasn't a very good Monday since I had a cold and sore throat. Plus it was an A day, which added to the crap. Then I had to go take pictures of baseball, in the wind and freezing cold air. I think that probably wasn't the best thing to do, but I had to do it. It was cool though, I got some great pictures. Tomorrow I have to go take pictures of water polo and then Wednesday I have to go somewhere downtown to take pictures of dance team. Well, I am updating the weeks worth of pictures, songs, and the Friday Favorites! Wreck this Journal posts will be coming soon! I need to get back to the daily updating routine, but since this next coming week I have to stay after school a lot, i probably wont be able to update the journal till Spring Break, which is two weeks away. Well here are the things I missed! Enjoy.XO.Maddy!

{141.365}: Lollipop-Lil' Wayne
{142.365}: Dark Blue- Jack's Mannequin
{143.365}: Amongst the Waves-Pearl Jam
{144.365}: You Make My Dreams Come True-Hall and Oates
{145.365}: You Spin Me Round-Dead or Alive
{146.365}: Got Money-Lil' Wayne
{147.365}: Watcha Say-Jason DeRulo
{148.365}: Throw Your Arms Around Me-Pearl Jam
{149.365}: Let It Whip-Dazz Band
{150.365}:Dear You, Love Me-Stages and Stereos


:::::::::FRIDAY FAVORITES::::::::::
These random pictures from this INSPIRING blog:) (She finds these pictures, not all are her's, but I love the whole feel of them:)

P.S. Yesterday was National Pi Day!

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