Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2nd, 2010!

Hello! So today was my second day for finals, I had Honors English(it wasn't that hard), science(we got to use our notebooks:)) and then Elements of Art(easy). I think that my school purposely put the two most worst classes on the same day:( Tomorrow I have Geometry with Ms. Tran....and then Animation with Cordova. At least school lets out at 1:05:) Me and Chels are going to Yuki and Son<3 for lunch, and then I go to my dad's for dinner. Thursday I am just going to sleep in ALL day and bum around, because I don't have school:) Then Friday I'm getting my hair done!!! I'm so excited. I love finals week...even though I hate finals! Then [Canvas Club] this weekend:) I'm painting wood grain, and I think a RED Polaroid painting for "someone". (tell me what color background you want Anne:) Well off to bed, gotta get ready for Tran....XO.Maddy!

(I promise promise all the wreck this journal will be up tomorrow afternoon. i wanted to wait till the compost page was a little more "composted" before i updated them, also, i still haven't charged my camera, but i assure you the battery is charging right now for tomorrow's pictures:) OK

{108/365}:Mr.Right-Boys Night After

{[yes, Gabby knows this is on here, she wanted to aware everyone that she infact does wear her headgear at night:) haha]}

Enjoy your Wednesday:))

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  1. Light blue or turquoise! I'm squealing with excitement!