Friday, February 5, 2010

February 7th, 2010:)

Ello! So I have been busy this 4 day weekend. Friday I got my hair done and spent the day at Mick's. Then Saturday I went to Mick's grandma's house and helped move boxes to her new one. Then I came home went to bed cause I was so tired. Then today is Super Bowl 44! Ray and I went driving for a little before the game, Saints won! Well here are all the things I missed and ALL of the Wreck this Journal. Enjoy.XO.Maddy!

{112/365}:Until The Day I Die-SOTY
{113/365}:Crooked Teeth-DCFC

Wreck this Journal:

"Doodle on this page like your doodling on the back of the envelope while in the phone."

"Journal Golf"

"Make a paper chain"

"Collect Fruit Stickers on this page"

"Cover this page using only office supplies"

"Take this book in the shower with you"

"Tie a string to the book, go on a walk, and drag it behind you"

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::::::::::Friday Favorites::::::::::

~Luke James(my vote for American Idol winner 2010!!!!)

#1 Favorite

#2 Favorite

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