Monday, February 1, 2010

Febuary 1st, 2010!

HellO! So today was my first day of finals:) It went pretty well, my blocks today was pretty easy. Newspaper, Video, and 3-D Art. I think I did good on all of them. My video in Intro to Video was really funny, but it made no sense at all...haha. Tomorrow I have Science, Honors English, and Elements of Art finals. Then Wednesday I get out at 1:05. Then I have Thursday off and Friday Im going to get my roots done at Summer's:) This weekend we are having another Canvas Club weekend, I think I am going to do a big wood grain pattern. Also, possibly make a certain someone a Polaroid painting;) Aha...well I have to go to bed:) night! XO.Maddy!

(I'll update the Wreck this Journal tomorrow, my camera battery died, so I have to charge it.)

{107/365}:Bruised-Jack's Mannequin


Enjoy your Tuesday:)

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