Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24th, 2010

Hello. Well it has been a while, but fear no more, I am updating today. I'll update the journal pictures tomorrow evening. Everything else is in this post. Well last week I just did a lot of homework, this weekend I went to the dance competition at my school, took pictures for the school newspaper, on Sunday we went to the mall and saw Valentine's Day. It was good. Then this week I have been finishing my homework and starting on my health homework. Tonight I go to my dad's. Well here are the missed songs and pictures and last weeks Friday Favorites. Enjoy.XO.Maddy

{123.365}:Adam's Song-Blink 182
{124.365}:We All Roll Along-The Maine
{125.365}:The Wolf-Eddie Vedder
{126.365}:Force Of Nature-Pearl Jam
{127.365}:There's A Class For This-Cute Is What We Aim For
{128.365}:Graduation Day-Headautomatica
{129.365}:Throw Your Arms Around Me-Pearl Jam
{130.365}:Alex In Wonderland-This Time Next Year
{131.365}:Rise-Eddie Vedder



Bright Vintage Cameras:)

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