Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9th, 2009!!

Hello! So this week has been chaotic! Monday I stayed after school til 4, then yesterday I stayed after til like 5. Tomorrow I'm staying after to take dance pictures. Friday I might go to Micks. Saturday I am going to help my grandma with packing. Then I'm spending the weekend at my dad's again, cause next weekend I'm having a party with friends:) Only 21 days til my birthday!! I have also been reading the drivers manual to get my permit, I'm hoping to take the test on my birthday! Let's see...Well here are the songs and pictures: Have a fun rest of the week!

{49/365}:The Adventure-Angels and Airwaves
{50/365}:New Soul-Yael Naim
{51/365}:Nine In The Afternoon-Panic! at the Disco



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