Monday, December 14, 2009

December 14, 2009

Ello! So this past week has been crazy hectic and very unpredictable. My school canceled snowball (winter formal) and all the weekend activities, because it was suppose to snow...Guess what didn't happen. So everyone at my school is pissed off about that, on top of that I have like 12 million tests I get to take this week before break! Oh lord help me:] This weekend I went to my dad's house and we had like...I wouldn't call it a Christmas party, just a party in the winter and an excuse to drink…ha-ha. But his steep driveway was frozen while we were "partying it up" so people had to spend the night. It was like a drunken sleepover….but it was fun. I downloaded some pretty sweet apps on my dad's iPhone…omg I want one! Dad if you're reading this, don't delete my apps!! :] So people spent the night, and we played Wii and that was pretty exciting. I went to bed at like 12 every night, which surprised me. I can pull an all-nighter. I guess it was last week's stress that made me crash. Well today was an A day, very NOT exciting...I had geometry, which I hate the subject, but I love the class. Felicia and I make it so much fun! Ha-ha! Well this weekend I'm having my party with the friends for my birthday! So excited for that! Only 11 more days till Christmas, and 16 days till my 15 birthday:D So here is the "holiday 10 things I LOVE Sunday; Christmas cookie edition!" and the songs for like the past week along with the 365 pictures….OK, everyone try and enjoy your week as much as me...haha! xoxo.Maddy.

{52/365}:I Wanna Rock-Twisted Sister
{53/365}:Heartless-Kanye West
{54/365}:The Time of My Life-David Cook
{55/365}:Hands Down-Dashboard Confessional
{56/365}:There's A Class for This-Cute is What We Aim For


10 Things I LOVE Sunday!!!!


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