Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7th, 2009

Ello Loves:) So this weekend I am at my father's house. I got here at 1 this morning, I went with my aunt, cousins and Chelsea to get my grandma at the airport. Then we went to my grandmas to look at ALL her pictures from the trip, 974 to be exact! It's stormy today and not very exciting. It's my Bff's b-day today:) 15!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICKK:D So yeah, that's what I'm doing, going to his party. Before that, I'm going to Hallmark to get Mick a BRAILLE card for his birthday, no he isn't blind. But wouldn't you want a card you couldn't read, but FEEL?! aha, Well nothing really exciting. Enjoy your days loves. xoxo.Maddy:)



{19/365}:Wish You Were Older-Metro Station

{20/365}:I Caught Myself-Paramore

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