Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5th, 2009:) [65/365] 300 More!

Hello! So today was a very mellow day, once again. I went to school, made a foam roller coaster with Keifer and John during Science, wrote a short story in English, wrote in hyrogliphs in Elements of Art, and made a zoetroph strip in Animation, while talking to Maggie with our mustaches:D Haha, just a typical B Day. Tomorrow I have no school, thank god! I need to sleep in. My sister gets the rest of her braces, I might go with her and my dad, but I'm still thinking about it. Then I'm going with my aunt and sister to pick up my grandma from the airport. Saturday is Mick's party, very exciting. I gotta drop by Hallmark to see Jessica in her PJ's and get Mick a braille card! Haa, yess! Well nothing real exciting going on right now, I'm gonna go and catch up on "Modern Family and Community", since Chelsea left me, no TV Buddie tonight. Well here's the 365 Picturee, only 300 more pictures left:D and the song of the day:D Enjoy. xoxo. Maddy:)


[65/365]: What do you know, another BOKEH, can't ever have too much bokeh:D iLOVEbokeh:) I should get a pin that says that and wear it around! haha...

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