Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4th!

Hello! Well today was a very short and non-productive day. Haha, school ended at 11;30, then me and Chels went to Yuki&Song, had THE best tempura ever:) Then, we went home, at 4, we went to my grandparents house for dinner, then ,me and Chels went out for like 10 minutes, I got GREAT pictures of bokeh:) Nothing really going on, no school Friday:D I really wanna see The Fourth Kind. Right now I'm watching Orphan, ah such a good movie! The concert was amazing! Jupiter One, was super exciting! Regina Spektor was so much better live, her lyrics are beautiful:D Well nothing real new, here's the song's for the week, and the 365 picture of today:D Enjoy, xoxo. Maddy!


{14/365}:Come Together-Kris Allen

{15/365}:I Can't Do It Alone-3OH!3(Sorry for the lame video, it was all I could find...)

{16/365}:Shake It-Metro Station

{17/365}:Be My Escape-Relient K

Here's Regina Spektor, they didn't let us take pictures so I got some of my favorites. Also, the band Jupiter One, which opened for her. They were so amazing! Here's a link to both their songs!

Flaming Arrow

Folding Chair

Laughing With
That Time


  1. Maddy- that was the best time ever! :) Regina and Jupiter One...and the HOTTEST BOUNCER EVER
    Our lives are semi-complete.
    You know who I am.

  2. Dude, I used to have that asian guys hair.