Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 7th and 8th [7&8/365]

Hello! So today was the first day of my High School experience. I was like super tired afterward. But, Sam Adams, Portland's Mayor came to our school to talk to us about coming into high school. It was pretty neat. Also, since I am in newspaper, I got to take pictures for the newspaper of him. Well, I have awesome classes and some not so exciting classes. Well, my picture today is of bubble tea, which I love, Hahah Richard, I got one:) Yesterday's 365 picture is of a scene from the bubble tea place, because Chelsea and I went to get some bubble tea, but it was closed:( So today, as a high school celebration, we got some. Yay! Well that's my days. Tomorrow, it's an A day, so I have newspaper! But then on the other hand, I have geometry:P Well have a good week:)

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