Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th!

So, I obviously haven't blogged in four days, because I have been really busy with school and been sick, I think. Well the past four days were very long and boring! I haven't been hungry for the past three days, feeling really sick and today I am feeling it, I am really hungry! Today, I had a bagel, salmon burger, granola bar, and chips! I'll feel it all later tonight. Well, I am going to upload my past 365 pictures, yes I have been taking them, I just haven't uploaded them! I'm at my dad's for the weekend, putting together our room tonight. Pretty mellow here, we just played Taboo. game:) Last night, I went to the Gresham High football game, and the lights went off and they couldn't turn it back on, so the game was ended. I had an Arizona Kiwi and Strawberry tea, yummy:) Well I also have something else to say, to a certain korean and his brother, that bubble tea was DELICIOUS! Just kidding, your like my blog viewers, so leave comments! Ok well, I'll upload the pictures later. Bye:)

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  1. Did.. you upload any pictures~? I don't see any new oneS~s~