Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9th

Hello! So today is Sunday, so I'll be doing my 10 Things I Love Sunday! But before that, I'll describe my day. I woke up at 10:30 am, had a nice Sunday breakfast with my mom, and Gabby. It was complete with eggs, hash browns, cinnamon rolls, and bacon! I was half asleep at breakfast so I don't really remember. I have been staying up til at least 4 in the morning, watching my new addiction, Hell's Kitchen. I absolutely love that show now! Well I started with Season 4 and and almost done. I'm hoping Christina wins. I'm also addicted to Big Brother 11. It's intense right now. Well, after breakfast, I went back to bed, after checking my myspace, blog, and flickr. I immediately fell asleep til 2. Then, we had to clean out the garage, and get stuff collected for our garage sale. That lasted like 2 hours. I was so tired. Well I had lunch and then me and Chelsea looked through our old baby pictures. There were some really cute ones, and then some crazy embarrassing ones. Well, that's really what we did all day till 6. At 6, we started making dinner, while me and Chelsea still looked at baby pictures. At 7:30, we had dinner and then watched Big Brother 11. Well that was my day, tomorrow I'm going to clean out all my storage stuff for our garage sale. Well my picture today is from the movie ''The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer.'' While we had breakfast, my step-dad, watched this movie and I asked him what it was, he replied, ''It's a quaint comedy.'' Quaint starts with a Q, obviously, so that's what my picture is, a ''quaint comedy.''Well that's my picture, here are my 10 things I love and ABC picture. Oh and I would like to recognize my first blog follower, Mara Grace! Thanks:)

10 Things I Love Sunday!
Big Brother 11! Our family has watched this show since season 3. We love it!

9. I love vintage bicycles! This one is the perfect bike! Oh, love!

8. I absolutely loved the movie The Orphan.

7. The new movie "Taking Woodstock", looks so good, not just because Emile Hirsch is in it! I loved the 70's!

6. I love aviator sunglasses so much! Oh cute!

5. Vintage Thermoses! We have like 6 or 7 and they are a nifty addition to our vintage kitchen.

4. I have a Nixon watch, that everyone at school calls bars of soap, because of the color. I love it!

3. When we went camping, the thing I missed most was Chelsea's random singing about almost everything. She is a random person!

2. I love how my mom thinks she is
a vampire from the 1700's. She love's True Blood and Marie Antoinette. I still love her:)

1. Last but not least, My love for Emile Hirsch! He is so talented! I loved him in Milk, and on the 14th of this month, Taking Woodstock! It will be amazing!
I love his glasses in this picture!

Well, everyone have a great week and Adios!

Question: What is 10 things you love?


  1. No problem girly! :D
    I love your photography! :D
    and your super cool blogs :)

  2. I love:

    1. Waking up to sunny days.
    2. vintage looking nikes.
    3. photographing people I see, places I go, feelings.
    4. Dancing and pretending to be a rock star while singing to Taylor Swift.
    5. Watching "My Sister's Keeper". best movie everrr.
    6. Laying on the grass underneath the sun, closing my eyes and imagining myself floating on the clouds.
    7. singing really loud in the car.
    8. Being with my friends 24/7
    9. Going out to dinner at the cheesecake factory.
    10. LIFE! :D