Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 8th

Hello! So I didn't post yesterday, obviously, so I'll be posting my ABC picture for yesterday and today. Tonight was my Grandma's birthday! We went to spaghetti factory for dinner. Earlier today, my mom, gabby, and me went to the Antique store. I got two new cameras, a Kodak and a Argus. They are so cute. Yesterday, me, Gabby, and my mom, put up our vintage collection up above the kitchen cabinets on shelves. It looks great! Well yesterdays letter was O, so my picture is my two Pomeranian, Tink and Prince. I call it Oh! so cute! Oh for the O. Get it. Todays letter is a P. My grandma's name is Peggy, so its Perfect. Well that's my day's. Tomorrow, I think we are going to see Julie&Julia! Oh, I hope. Have a good night everyone.

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