Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11th

Hello! So I didn't write yesterday, because I finished going through my closet and cabinet finding things for our garage sale. I got two bins full! I hope the weather is good! So yesterdays letter was an R, so for that the picture is a rainbow of chalk:) I took it awhile ago, but it was the only R picture I had. So last night, I stayed up till 5 in the morning, watching Hell's Kitchen, the best show ever! Today, I watched The Office and listened to the rain pour! It was such nice weather last week, now it's stormy and raining. Well that's my S picture today, the Sky. But, I also have another great S picture, a shake! I got this very tasty treat today, very yummy. So there is two S pictures! :)So tomorrow, I got to my Dad's, we are probably going to my grandparents house though, because they are leaving for California on Thursday. Well whatever we do, it's better than just hanging out at home. Well tonight is Big Brother 11 and it's on soon, so here are the picture, everyone have a GREAT rest of week. Bye:)
Question of the day: What's your favorite ice cream flavor?


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