Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 12th

Hello world! So today was very mellow, woke up, had a pancake and watched The Office. I stayed up waiting and watching for that meteor shower thing. It never came. Well, this morning, I woke up at like 7 and my mom was like ''Pearl Jam is coming to town!!'' I fell asleep immediately after she left the room. I didn't wake up till 1. I made one tasty pancake. Then me and Gabby watched The Office, til my dad picked us up at 4:30. We just hung out at my grandparents and had Dominos pizza. Then, from out of nowhere, it poured rain. Ahh, and next week it is suppose to be in the middle 90's. Well othat was pretty much my day, tomorrow im cleaning up my room, now that I have gone through all, my stuff. Also, today is Middle-Child Day, which I am a middle child. Today's picture is today, for T. I have nothing better, so I took a good cloud picture today. So that's my picture, have a good day!

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