Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 5th

Hello! So today I went to my grandparents house from like 5 to 9. We just stayed there and hung out. Tomorrow, I'm going to the park with Adriene and Jen. Also, I have to get ready for our garage sale. So that's really about it. My picture today is my idea for a photo logo. I just made it, but thats about all. Also, I really want to watch Role Models and work out, but I hurt my wrist. I have been having a Poison song stuck in my head all day, and only one line from it. ''Every rose has it's thorns..'' I think it's because I watched the Rock Ballads infomercial, and that was the background music. Well here's the picture. Have a nice day. Question is: What song is stuck in your head? Night!

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