Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4th

Hello! So today was pretty great! I woke up and got ready for the day. I watched Step Brothers, while I was straightening my hair. I love that movie so much, Will Farrell could stand in front of the camera doing nothing, and it would be funny. Well, I left the house and walked to the end of the road and met Mick there. So we walked back to his house, and played Sims 3. We watched Obsessed. I had seen it in theaters with my mom, but I love Idris Elba! So we played some more Sims 3 and just hung out. My mom picked me up at about 5:45 and we went to pick up dinner. While we were driving, we listened to the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack, I love it so much! Regina Spektor sings the lead song, Us. I had heard a song about a month ago called Laughing with. Also, the Fidelity Bank commercial song is Regina Spektor. My mom tonight looked up her songs, and wouldn't you know it, she sings them too. She truly has musical talent. Well now Im waiting to watch Tori adn Dean and Big Brother. Well, speaking of Big Brother, there is a houseguest on the show who always has the greatest hair accesories. She is my letter L today, Lydia. Well, tomorrow I'm hanging out with my dad. Karl. Well, everyone have a good day. Question is: What is your favorite TV Show?

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