Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3rd

Hello! Today, I didn't do much, worked out for like 15 minutes, played Sims3, watched TV. I haven't seen my friends pretty much all summer. It's either, their busy or I'm busy when they want to hang out. Well this week, I have nothing to do, so I am going to try to hang out with my friends. Well my letter today is a K. My picture for a K is my dad Karl. Him and my mom are divorced, but we still see him every other weekend and Wednesdays. We went Camping with him this summer. He's bald, and funny. Drives a Toureg. Pretty ordinary dad. When we were camping, we went on the boat, but my dad never went in the inner-tubes. So when he was floating on it in the middle of the river, I snapped a good picture of him. I even put it in his 43rd birthday card. He didn't like it, but I did. Well he is my picture.[Due to his dislike of the picture, i took it off. its ok just visualize a picture of him there.] That's all I have to say, bye. Question is, What's your dad's name?

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