Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2nd

Hello! We it has been a long day. I woke up at 11, had a bagel, and my mom and I worked til 4pm gathering stuff for our garage sale. We made 11 scrapbook kits, loads of Heidi Swapp stuff. We still have a lot more to do though. Well that's pretty much what I have to say. My ABC project for today is a sunset picture I took yesterday, I thought it was Just Amazing. That's the J. Well i hope my week will be good. I wish all you the same. I now have 150 blog views, so that's pretty exciting. I also decided out of inspiration, 10 things I Love Sunday. I got the idea from Elsie Flannigan, she is my artistic hero. Check out her blog. Well, I'll start tonight. Here's my J and my 10 things: MY 10 THINGS I LOVE BEGINNING:
10. Flickr. Ever since I have started Flickr, my photography has been better, getting inspiration from teens, my age. It is truly wonderful! 9. Twinkie Chan's sugar cookie headband! My younger sister, Gabby was lucky enough to get one.8. Family Campfires:) There is just something about being around a fire roasting marshmallows that I love!

7. Saturday Night Live Digital Shorts. I love them, because I love Andy Samberg! My favorite is Like A Boss.
6. Pyrex! We have the biggest collection, and still adding. You can never have enough!
5. Camera Necklace! I absolutely love this, even though I don't have it:( But it's still cute.
4. Love Culture store. it is so cool here, really vintage like clothes, it's where I got my three sweaters.
3. My Osiris shoes! They truly are amazing!
2. Antique Cameras. I have a total of nine, but today I got a call from my grandma, and they got me a Polaroid camera! I have one already, but more the merrier!
1. (500) Days of Summer! Also I love the soundtrack! This is the best movie ever! Go see it!

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