Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 30th

Hello! So I haven't written in three days, my bad. Well, I have had a good three days! So, Friday we went to the dentist and me and Chelsea went to he BK Lounge. We just spent the day at my dad's. Then on Saturday, my mom picked me and Gabby up and we went home. We decided to go to see a movie, Julie and Julia. It was amazing. I found the blog that Julie Powell wrote. Here it is. It was interesting. Great recipes. So we went to the movies, and today, we went to lunch, and then stopped at the Antique Store and I found two amazing cameras! So, we went grocery shopping, got groceries. At home now, tomorrow, we are getting mew couches and a love seat! Thank goodness! Our couch has had it's day. Now me and Chelsea is watching Hannah Montana! Wow! Never thought I would say that to anyone! Feel lucky:) On Wednesday, I go to the dentist and then Thursday, I get my hair done and best of all, it's my mom's birthday!ALSO< SHOUT OUT TO MICK< THANKS FOR MY CUTE SPEED RACER LUNCH BOX!! It will be my first 365 picture:) So I'm doing my 10 Things I Love Sunday now, instead of later, because I have a lot to write. Also, I'm contemplating on doing a 365 picture project on my blog. I'll decide later. Well here goes my 10 Things I Love Sunday:)

10 Things I LOVE Sunday!

10. My cute art! My aunt had it, tried to sell it, I took it!

9. My adorable Sandwich Eraser! Got it at Powell's Bookstore:)

8. My little emo carrot. My cousin Jake made it:)

7.My Mustache Mug! It's so cool!

6. Gabby's new Vintage Sewing Machine! So cute<3

5.I love Into the Wild. It is such a good book, and a great movie!!

4. I took this cool picture at my dad's house of the clouds. I love clouds!

3. We went and saw Julie and Julia. It was amazing. I was hungry the whole time!

2. One of my new cameras!! So cute. I love the color<3

1. My other new Camera! I love it so much. We even found used film in it!

Well, there is my 10 Things. Everyone have a good week. Comment if you think I should start a 365. Bye:)


  1. YES,Do it!!!
    Your Mom is not getting any younger...and her memory needs it. :)

  2. This Chelsea gal sounds like one cool cat..

    Prince says hi hi hi. Hey Hey Hey.