Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31st

Hello everyone! So today, I woke up at like 5, because my step-dad was going to golf with mt grandpa, an I had slept out in the family room, with Prince and Gabby. Today we got our new couch and love seat! Our family room looks great! I like it better. Me and Gabby found our home videos when we cleaned out the VCR tapes. Wow, it seems like no one watched VCR movies anymore. We gave some away, but kept the classics, like Dumbo and Cinderella and Aladdin. Well, we found our home movies and we found the video of my birth and my first week of being alive. I was huge! I was like a 3-week old when I was really 30 minutes old:) I had chubby cheeks and a chubby belly and I looked like I was always angry. Ha ha, it was cute though. So my dad got a new house and we went and looked at it. It was pretty cool. Then we went to dinner. When we got home, my mom and Gabby and I watched mine and Gabby's baby videos. Good memories. I found a cute video of my and my cousin Jake laying in the crib together just staring at each other. If your reading Anne, come over and watch it! So, we just chilled and watched TV. Tomorrow, I'm cleaning my room and getting ready for school. It starts in a week tomorrow! I'm excited but the summer is almost over:( On Saturday my friends and I are suppose to go see a end of summer movie in theaters. It will be fun. On Wednesday, I go to the dentist to get a cleaning and check up. My wisdom teeth are coming in and they hurt horribly! So Thursday, I get my hair done. I have no idea of what to do, I want to grow my hair out and just not have anymore layers, they just flip out, which bothers me, but I have a long way from having long hair. I hope to dye it light blond, I'm sick of being a dirty blond. It shows my roots too much, even though I'm a natural blond. Well, it's also my mom's "30th" birthday:) Were going to dinner. Then this weekend were celebrating it, maybe going to the beach. It's a good way to end the summer. Well, I have decided to do a 365 project. I think it will improve my photography skills and give me something not to quit. Ha, so tonight my first photo, is of a Speed racer Lunch Box my friend Mick gave me:) I love it so much:) Thanks Mick! Okay, well that's my picture. Also, I'm starting to write a question a day again. Have a good week, and enjoy:)

Question: What is your favorite cartoon?
Mine is Spongebob and Speed racer. Oh, also Jiggly puff, from Super Smash Bros. :)

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