Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27th

Hello! So I am spending the night at my dad's till Saturday, because tomorrow, Gabby has a dentist appointment and my mom is going to Crazy Eights concert. I bet she appreciates me telling the world. Haha, well today my dad picked me and Gabby up, because we had to go to the dentist so I could make an appointment and Gabby got her teeth cleaned for her braces. We went to Flying Pie Pizza for lunch, delicious! He took us home and we watched Rob and Big, the Uncle Jerry episode:) My favorite! So we went to dinner at Cruisers, best place to eat 500 calories per bite:) Haha, so we had dinner there, and then my mom took us to our dad's. That leaves me here, sitting on my bed blogging and watching Good Eats. I always watch Food Network, that's how I learned to cook:) Well my picture today is a picture of a Light Blue Thunderbird, my DREAM CAR! Oh I love it so! Well have a good Friday:)

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