Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28th

Hello! It's been 4 days since my last entry because I have had a really busy weekend. Friday, my mom and I went to go see Orphan. It was super scary and gore. On Saturday, I went to take photo's for a wedding. They turned out really good. For my first time anyway. Then after that, I went to Mick's brother, Mateo's, birthday party. It was really fun. Chelsea picked me up at 11 and we went home. Then Sunday, my family wen to see the new Harry Potter. I didn't really think it was good. There was no action, but hey lots of other people like it. Then Monday, I didn't wake up till 12. I got up because I was going to hang out with my friends but that didn't work out because my dad was having a 43rd birthday! Whoa 43! Well today I have nothing to do buy Blog. On Saturday, I might be going to the Zoo!! I know that after your like 6, it's not really interesting, but I still love it. It's also a good place to take pictures, obviously! Well here are some wedding pictures and I'm starting my ABC project again, today's letter is an I. During camping, we probablt went through 20 bags of ice. We went to a store and I snapped a picture of the ice sign. Well Here's the pictures and everyone have a nice day. Question of the day: What is your busiest day of the week?

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