Friday, July 24, 2009

July 24th

Hello Oregon! So today I got back from camping, I had to come back early because tomorrow I am taking wedding pictures with my Aunt Anne. So camping was really fun, we went swimming, on the party boat, innertubing, it was so fun. I took over 3000 photos! So I had my own tent, but then had to share it with some ''relatives''. My dad's girlfriend's daughter and her cousin. It was really fun though. Everyday we went down to the lake and went innertubing and rode on the boat. We ate no traditional camping food, except smores. Gotta have the smores. We had salmon burgers and stir fry and fajitas. It was all really tasty! So it averaged around 100-106 degrees daily. We were there for a week. On the 23rd, we had a special campfire memorial for Great Grams. It was really sweet. Everyone went around and said memories they had about her and when they last saw her. I'm glad I decided to go. I got two photography offers while I was there too! One from my dad's girlfriend's sister, Sarah, her son Jaxson. Another from her other sister, April, of her whole family. I am really excited! I really can't wait for tomorrow. I am taking pictures for someones wedding. My Aunt Anne and I are doing it. It's my Aunt's old co-worker. She's taking the traditional wedding pictures and I am taking the artsy ones. Well I'm going to go see Orphan! Here's some cool pictures from the trip and oh yeah, i am continuing my ABC project tomorrow. Today's question is: Have you ever been to a wedding? :) Bye

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