Monday, July 5, 2010


Hello! So yesterday was my 1 year anniversary of my blog! It was also the 4th of July. It was really fun! We went to my mom's work and had a picnic with the residents and their families. Then we had lunch and went home. We were all really tired, so we all took naps. At 5, we all woke up and cooked dinner. After, we picked Mick up and then Morgan came over. We watched these scary movies on YouTube and then did fireworks. All around us was illegal fireworks shooting up in the sky, while we had ground fireworks, that were still fun. Then, we went to our dad's house for a little, then came home. Today I cleaned out my computer of stuff I don't need, watched a movie with Ray, and picked Anne, and the boys up from the airport from Disneyland. Last Sunday, Chelsea and I went to the zoo! So fun!! Tomorrow I might go to a scary movie with Anne, Wednesday is my dad's day, and then we think we are going to have a garage sale this weekend, if we get everything done in time. Well I haven't read any of my summer homework books, so that plan is a FAIL, and I won't be doing that on here. I think it will be less stressful to blog, so I can just blog short little paragraphs each day, which I still plan on doing. Also, my blog looks different, if you noticed. It's the new template designer, I don't know if I am going to keep it this way, we'll see. P.S.: We saw Eclipse....not very good. OKAY, here are the pictures and Friday Favorites. ENJOY!!


::::::::::FRIDAY FAVORITES::::::::::
Cup/Straw pictures! I love the focus on the straws<3 I don't know...just cool!
(First two are my photography, then others are found on the web.)

Firework Bokeh<3 'nuff said(:

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