Saturday, June 26, 2010


WELL, it has been 9 days since I last updated, I haven't been updating a lot. I'm not really that busy, I just don't have much to blog about. But I am going to change that. I know this doesn't sound very exciting, but I think it will keep me updating my blog and finishing my summer reading homework. Okay here's the plan; I am going to update EVERY DAY what I was reading about, because I have three books to read, and lots of essays to write, so this is going to help. I will daily update on what is going on in my book, kind of like a response blog, but on here. I already have to keep a response journal for school of each book, so I will most likely put whatever I write down on that, and post it on here. ANYWAYS, away from homework, I missed a couple of VERY important birthday updates, one of which I just forgot to update. Gabby's birthday was the 22ND of May and Chelsea turned 19 last Monday, the 21ST. We had a party for Chelsea on Monday with my grandparents, Dad, Carisa, and "us". It was fun. Wednesday we went to my dad's house to have her birthday party with his family. Friday my mom had of, so we went to Gresham Station, shopped at Old Navy, Ulta, Borders(to get my books), and had lunch at Mike's in Oregon City. YUM<3 Then today, we are going to my aunt's house for Aunt Rae's "27"TH birthday(; ha ha. Well that's about it. OH, and I went through all my pictures, sorted them, and put them on back-up disks. It took all of about 2 hours last night! Okay, now I am done. Ha Ha. Okay...byeeee!


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