Monday, July 19, 2010

"Fantastic posing greed, then we should feed our jewelry to the sea..."

Hi, hello! So I have not updated in a while...yikes! I'll just start with what I did last Monday. I hung out with Mick and Beth all day long. We watched movies, listened to music, they stayed for dinner, we had Popsicles, and went for a walk(: Tuesday night Gabby and I went over to my dad's house. Wednesday at 9:40, Gabby, my dad, and I set out for a 4 hour drive to Bend, where we were going for our Aunt Pat's memorial service. On the way there, I read '1984', which by the way is really good!, listened to music(I played the Jack's Mannequin album on repeat about 4-5 times!), and slept. When we got there, Gabby and I sat down and talked to people and the service started. It was a really good day(: On the way home, I slept and listened to music most of the ride, Chelsea called and woke me up and we talked to her for about 13 minutes. Then I just listened to music the rest of the way home. We spent the night at my dad's house again and Thursday I hung out with Mick. Then Friday came along, and Mick went with us to Scappoose for Janessa's softball game. We hung out there for about 4 hours, then headed back to my dad's house. Mick and I watched some stuff, we had pizza for dinner, then played some video games. Chelsea came and picked Mick up to take him home, and I went and watched 30 Rock, which is SO FUNNY:D Then Saturday, Gabby and I stuck around at my dad's house watching Degrassi. Sunday we went back to Scappoose for Janessa's last game, and watched that for an hour. They won that game. We stuck around after and then headed home. At 5, Eli, Janessa, Gabby and I went to see Shrek 4, it was adorable! Then I went home and watched TV with my mom, talked her into taking me driving for a little. Then today I cleaned my room, took some pictures of stuff for the end of 365, and I am suppose to vacuum the house. Tomorrow I am hoping to hang out with Mick, Wednesday I am taking pregnancy pictures of Amanda, Thursday I am going to be getting ready for the garage sale we are hoping to have this weekend! Friday will pretty much be the same deal. Well, that was a packed week. ANYWAYS, I have some good ideas of what to do on my blog after the 365 will be over! September 1st will be the end:( My first picture was the Speed Racer lunch box Mick gave me<3 So my dad was telling me about a cool photo idea of taking pictures of things that look like smiley-faces! I think that would be a cool project. Gabby wants to do a 365 project with different colored nails each day! It would take a lot of nail polish remover and colors/patterns, but we might consider it! Also, I made a list of things that I want to take pictures of before school starts! I woke up this morning, and was thinking to myself, if I had a car, what would I drive around and take pictures of! So I'll include the list below. So now that I have said that, I think I need to say one more thing before putting picutres on and Friday Favorites; I have barely started on my homework for Honors English. I need to write 4 essays, read 3 books and I have barely done any of it! I probably will have a packed end of July trying to finish everything, so I won't be posting alot. Probably the 365 picture, and a quick caption of what I did. So, that's about it! It's alot and if you kept reading this whole thing, kudos to you! Haha, okay enjoy the following:)

Photo To-Do list:
-The school sign down the street
-A sunset at Colombia River
-A sunrise at my dad's
-The Cub Scout sign on Birdsdale
-A view from Rockey Butte
-A cool tree picture
-A downtown picture
-A picture underwater
-A good picture of myself, seeing as I don't have one
-A picture of someone famous(this one probably won't happen)
-The Ghost story section at Powells
-Another person with a camera
-Funky shoes on random strangers
-Pioneer Square
-A cup of coffee

:::::::::Friday Favorites:::::::::
30 Rock is one of the BEST/FUNNY shows I have ever witnessed! At first I was not a Tina Fey fan, but then I watched it, and she is hilarious!

Big Brother 12+Hayden Moss<3 I LOVE THIS SHOW:D


(This is taken on the last Monday of Freshman year! That's William&Mary!)

(This is ALL of my school work from Kindergarten up to High School!)

Have a wonderfully fantastic week!

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  1. I'll take you to Powells & Pioneer dt for the random shoe pics! Any reason to go to Portland!