Monday, June 7, 2010


HELLO! So it has been a week and one day since I last updated, which means 8 365 pictures to update and a Friday Favorite to do. Well last week was a 4 day school week, cause Monday was Memorial Day. The week went by SO quick! Thank goodness(: Then this past weekend Gabby and I went to my aunt De's house, cause my dad was working, so we hung out with her. It was fun, we went with her and Aunt Donna to get their hair done, Gab and I walked down to the little convenience store and got some snacks, then we went to the sugar-free bakery and got some muffins, the Pecan Carmel tasted like a hot pancake. YUM! Then we went back to my aunts house, and hung out. So we just did that, then came home yesterday at about 8:30. So pretty exciting weekend! My padre left on a vacation to Hawaii and won't be here for two weeks, so Gabby and I are staying home this weekend, most likely doing Tie Dye she got for her birthday. Then next week is finals, then off to sophomore year(: Freshman year has gone by fast, kinda sad. Anyways, I have homework to finish so here are the pictures, and a "Friday Favorites: Blog Edition"! Enjoy! XO<3Maddy


::::::::::Friday Favorites:::::::::
-So here are the blogs I read ALL the time! I love the ideas and pictures and the blog writers! So inspiring and fun! Enjoy(:

Elsie Flannigan (A Beautiful Mess)
-I love Elsie's photography and her style. Her blog is so fun and inspiring to me and my family knows who she is. She paints, photographs, makes cute crafts, and I love her hair(:

Kaylah (The Dainty Squid)
-I love her hair! OMG she is the coolest. She thrifts like no other. Her cats are adorable and she is covered in way cool tattoos(: We have the same taste in a lot of things, especially nifty thrifties!

Kandee Johnson
-Kandee is the coolest make-up artist ever! She has the coolest make-up ideas and tips and she seems like an overall really nice and neat person(: Watch her Youtube videos!

Jessica (Ache.)&(Jess Loves Fred)
-She is AMAZING! She has really cool clothes and a fun style. The images she collects on her Tumblr and her blog are so fun and artistic!


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