Thursday, June 17, 2010


Very exciting day here! It is official; school's out for the summer & I'm a sophomore:D Pretty exciting last week of school! Finals, late start and no parties? I miss middle school where the whole last week was class parties and NO tests, but im so glad to be done with freshman year(: ANYWAYS....I don't have much planned for this summer except sleeping in. That's a huge thing! So I have been watching 'Saved By The Bell' ever since Gabby got it for her birthday. We have gone through 4 seasons in the past 3 weeks! Truly the BEST show I have ever witnessed! Oh also, I went to a concert with Anne and Jake last weekend cause Anne is there person who does stuff for insurance I think. But it was in a bar downtown, not as cool as you would think a bar is, but it was really fun! Their band is named ELEMENT 57. CHECK THEM OUT:) Really good! So not much has happened besides that...just studying, so here are some pictures and a GIGANTIC Friday Favorite:D ENJOY!!!


MY MOM'S ROSARY TATTOO(with permission)

Element 57 stamp. NO EDIT!



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