Thursday, December 3, 2009

December 3rd! 100th POST:D

Hello! So this is my 100th post! I never thought I would be here and keep up. I'd like to thank all four to five people who read my blog:) Well I can't wait til tomorrow, weekend! My mom's co-worker gave me pretty much all his scary movies including the whole set of Friday the 13th:D I am one happy girl! So I'm going to have a scary movie marathon this weekend:) The ducks won:) My mom got Krispy Kreme donuts with yellow and green sprinkles and one with brown and orange! Haha. Well nothing much more interesting. 27 more days till my birthday:D OK, everyone have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo.Maddy<3

{44/365}:I Can't Stay- The Killers
{45/365}:J*** in My Pants-The Lonely Island



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