Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18th, 2009!

Hello! So today I stayed home from school because my back really hurt, thinking it would go away with some rest and aleve i stayed home. I guessed wrong! I'm still in pain! So Monday, was pretty simple. Tuesaday was really simple. I had a substitute in all my classes! Well anyway, tomorrow I'm going to school then taking a nap before we leave at 7 to go wait in line for 4 and a half hours for New Moon. Jeez...then I have school the next day. I'll already be getting home at 3. I'll probably just stay up, since I'm taking a nap when I get home. Then, this weekend I'm going to my dad's for the weekend. That's about it. Tonight I have to write up my science lab, learn my vocab words, read an Edgar Allen Poe poem, and answer science questions. So I'm pretty busy. I probably wont have any time to update much tomorrow, so I'm doing the song and picture for Thursday tonight too. Well yeah, this is my 92nd post, almost 100! So here's the music, and pictures:) And a couple fun loves.xoxo.Maddy

I lOVE this commercial! Everyone loved it and then poof! Nobody remembers it:) I do!

{29/365}:Get Your Head Straight-Boys Night Out

{30/365}:Touchdown Turnaround-HelloGoodbye


{32/365}:Down-Jason Walker






Autumn Loves<3

Hot Apple Cider!

Painted Pumpkins!

Carmel Apples!


and these!!!
Have a wonderful Thursday and Fall Season<3

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