Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 15th, 2009!

Hello! So I last updated on Thursday, so this will be a long one. Thursday night, I worked on homework, Friday I had school, then that night I went to the play with some friends and then hung out at Mick's for a little until Chelsea picked me up. Then Saturday I stayed home, and then my grandma came over and showed us her pictures from Mexico. Today, my mom, Gabby, Ray, and I went to lunch then saw 2012, we just got back. It was such a good movie! So intense and life-like. Well that's about it. Tomorrow I have school, I need to finish my rough draft for English and clean my room. Tuesday, my grandma and I are going to Burlington to shop for a winter coat. Wednesday I am with my dad, Thursday night, well Friday morning, at 12 am, my mom, Chelsea, Gabby, Christina, and her daughters and I are all going to see the midnight showing of New Moon. I'm not a fan of the Twilight saga, but I don't want to miss out on the late night fun. Seriously we are getting there at 8 pm. Haha, well that's really all that's going on. Here's the songs, pictures and 10 Things! Enjoy.xoxo.Maddy

{26/365}:All Around Me-Flyleaf

{27/365}:Here Comes Your Man-Meaghan Smith

{28/365}:Another Way To Die-Jack White&Alicia Keys





10 Things I L O V E Sunday!

10.Caged Bird Necklace<3

9.Crazy Weather<3


7.Stuff on my Cats<3

6.Diana Cam<3

5.Mm Shirt<3




1.Voodoo Donuts<3

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